Tinman Creative Productions is a content creation, film/tv production and creative agency. Creative, imaginative, and relevant are adjectives to describe Tinman Creative Productions. We pride ourselves on breaking ground on fresh content. We see life differently which manifests itself in the visual medium. We were the first to break ground on the “Educated/Corporate Black Life Comedies” genre with “The Corporate Brother” which predated popular shows like ABC’s Blackish. We tell the stories of African-American professionals and their diverse network of friends of all races and cultures.

Digital Content Creation

We develop content that presents a view of the world and of humanity in an atypical and extraordinary way. Our imaginations take us to places that this present world does not provide. Call us idealist or call us dreamers and we are okay with that. We create genres and don’t simply trace models that have already been formed.

Video Production

We are producers that are very detail oriented and work tirelessly to deliver the vision of the client. We do everything from A to Z in video production. We secure locations, cast actors, get props and wardrobe, hire directors, crew and editors, we can even promote it for you. We take your concept, execute it and produce the final product.

Creative Agency

We create memorable and effective ads that hit the mark for branding, market penetration and revenue growth. We do our research to reach your target market. We review your place and image in the marketplace to ensure our ad campaign will increase your market reach but not at the expense of losing loyal customers. We like to look at ourselves as writing daring and “pushing the envelope” ads.